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About Us

Leather accessories Ravanela was established at the end of 2011 and represents the brand names such as KOZA, Lile and Noobok.

Three pairs of hardworking hands stand behind trademarks KOZA, Lile and Noobok. A family endeavour into the leather business and
production of flip flops and purses has grown into a unique outstanding selection of products. They’ve been sewing and designing since 2005.

Ravanela Koza logoKOZA bags are large, even too large, both men’s and women’s, business-like and casual ones, or all in one.



LILE purses are simple, soft, feminine and of one colour. Each one features a different colour and/or size.



NOOBOOK purses are vivid, picturesque and are never dull. Each one is one-of-a-kind.


Leather accessories Ravanela proudly distributes handmade, unique, Croatian products.

Choose your colour and design in Split, at Zagrebacka ulica 6.

What we offer:

Leather accessories, unique Croatian product

  • - Bags and purses (male and female),
  • - Sandals,
  • - Wallets,
  • - Belts...


  • Court: Commercial court in Zagreb
  • MBS: 080777461
  • VAT Number: HR34019405507
  • Company: RAVANELA ltd
  • Bank: Xxxxx Bank
    IBAN: HRxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Address
    Samobor, City Samobor
    Lešće 31 C
  • Autorised representative
    Ivana Koritnik
    - director
    - represent company individually and independently

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